Are We Living In a Simulation?

I read and hear often in articles and podcasts that we might be living in a simulation. Really! Really? A simulation? This sounds like the ideas of someone who has been reading way too many sci-fi novels and watching way too many futuristic Matrix-like movies.

Then I think about it. Ponder it. And Ponder it some more. I go down the rabbit hole. If you think about it we all live in our own individual consciousness (whatever that means) which is basically our own simulation. Not to get too esoteric about this (already did), but this might be our “reality”. Look, what is reality? Who is to say what is stored up in your mind isn’t your reality. You’re collective experience, memory, mixed in with physiological, and genetic brain wiring give you this existence which is different than anyone else’s.

What exactly is a simulation and how is that different than reality for the person in it? Think about an ant in a forest living it’s life. To the ant the daily struggle living with other ants, insects, and animals against the elements is it’s reality. Then one day lets say you find that ant, pick it up, and place it in a jar to take to a lab and examine. Imagine how much that ant’s “reality” will have changed. If looking at it from that perspective, I suppose we could be in a simulation.

Will there one day be an inquisitive scientist picking us up from our habitat of “reality” for examination and experimentation? Full disclaimer, I’m a believer in a higher Deity, and a Christian. So for me the way I look at this is by noting that nothing is out of the realm of God. We are already on a strange rock with billions of other human creatures moving very fast through space. If anything God has a sense of humor and a deep curiosity and concern for our lives.

Life in and of itself is very strange to begin with and so I don’t discount other people’s beliefs or views, and I don’t hide the reality that my knowledge and understanding is lacking. Said otherwise, I know that there is a lot I don’t know.

Could we be in a simulation? Sure. It’s possible. How probable, I have no idea. One thing I do know, the universe never ceases to amaze and surprise me. We might all be in a petri dish one day wondering how we got here, or who knows, maybe we already are.