Truth as a Weapon

In the midst of a global Coronavirus pandemic one would assume that the dissemination of information in a non-partisan, unbiased format would be of the upmost importance.

Yet there is a lot of misinformation and misconstruing of facts from our world leaders to score political points, push agendas, and obtain personal gain.

There is global opportunity to do what is right for the sake of saving lives, primarily those of our most physically vulnerable. What better cause can we have as a species? Somehow in the midst of this great opportunity we have managed to resort to tribalism and base tendencies.

In fairness there have also been many acts of kindness and individuals across the world have stepped up their awareness to the “we are in this together” nature of this crisis. We have seen many rise to the challenge of loving their fellow man with decency and deep compassion.

May this be the legacy and the remembered stories of not just the rank and file on this earth, but also of our Presidents, Prime Ministers and holders of Power. There is a great opportunity for unification across nationalities, races, political affiliations, and tribal divisiveness.

May we no longer use the truth as a blunt instrument of death and division but as tool of unification and love.

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