The Price of Peace

Photo by Anna Shvets on

This is a very unnerving time in the world for many. The global pandemic fear machine has captured the hearts and minds of all of us. Between the incessant news, pundits, and opinions, all vying for our attention, it is hard to find peace and truth.

We quickly realize that peace is never given or free. At any point in time, life as we know it can be quickly unraveled. Our peace of mind can be taken from us just as easily.

During the early days of the pandemic in January and February, many world leaders weighed the balance of economic ruin on one side and casualties on the other. Donald Trump in several news clips seemed early on to see the potential for economic catastrophe and chose not to rock that boat. He made a calculated decision. We all do it, but his consequences were significantly larger.

Only once it was apparent that the casualties could be higher than initially expected, did he then decide to make the very difficult decision to sacrifice the economy to save American lives.

Decisions of that nature are never black and white and the outcomes are never clear. The end result could still ruin the economy, and produce mass casualties.

A bold decision was made and subsequent actions were taken. The Federal Reserve, the U.S. treasury, and Congress all stepped up when they needed to. Partisanship was temporarily pushed aside and decisions were made. Men and women were put in the arena with lions and those on the outside have no reason to speak.

It doesn’t mean the decisons were correct, but to the best of their judgement they acted with prinicples. Peace is never simple. Peace is never free.

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